Reducing the set on my tennon saw – Part IV (Test handle)

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This post forms part of the “Reducing the set on my tennon saw” series.

Well I got some time in the workshop this afternoon, so had a crack at making a practice handle. I’ve got some 30 mm Tas Oak, so planned that down to 25 mm or so and cut out a Tyzack handle from the TGIAG template. All went relatively well, including my cut for the saw plate to slot into.

The bit I messed up was trying to increase the cut for the spine. How on earth do you manage that? Bearing in mind I don’t have a chisel narrow enough, I’d appreciate some guidance on that. I’ve provided a photo of my unfortunate attempt.

And because I had nothing else planned for this evening, I decided to sand it up to 240. Now I don’t want to throw it away, so will have to tuck it away as a spare

A very generous member has donated some pear wood for the handle, so am eagerly anticipating its arrival so that I can create the final version, along with Ian’s nuts. Ooh the excitement.

Perhaps in the interim I’ll buff up the blade and spine. I have some actual woodworking to do though, so will have to slot it in whilst I’m waiting for glue to dry!

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