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The daughter of some family friends recently got married, and as is our modus operandi, Maja and I chose to make another piece of furniture. This time a console table, similar to A Console Table for Two, but truer to the original design of Mike Pekovich.

With life having been really busy of late, we didn’t have much spare time between work and other weekend commitments. With compressed timeframes, we set about the build. The first time I built this style of table, a lot of effort and contemplation went into the order of operation to ensure I didn’t paint myself into a corner with the multi-stage joinery and curved elements. This time it all went a lot faster having not forgotten what to do, and notes with measurements and ideas documented from last time.

Basic plans from the last build

Despite having build notes, and new project required its own plans, and as I went along, where detail was missing, I added it to the new documentation. In theory, at some point in the future, the plans will be complete and won’t need further augmentation. Though I don’t know how many of the same frame I’d have to build to reach that stage.

Far more details plans this time.

With me preparing stock and cutting joinery, whilst Maja cleaned up and finished each piece as we went along, we managed to complete the build in the nick of time. What a team.

Done and dusted, and looking great.

The wedding duly arrived, and with a great sense of achievement we handed the gift over. With the couple off on their honeymoon, unbeknownst to us, the parents of the bride decided to enter the table at their local country fair. I was away guiding thirty teenagers rafting down the Huon river for three days when I received a message from Maja with a photo of a table bearing a remarkable resemblance to ours, with a “First Prize” tag.

Who’d have thought it, we’re award winning furniture makers. Not designers mind you, that honour goes to Mike Pekovich.


March 2023


  1. Loving these posts Lance! You guys are so clever and generous with your skills – congrats on the prize. If there were awards for ‘Most Thoughtful Wedding Gifts’ I’m sure you’d win that one too!

    1. Thanks Fiona. I have been playing catch-up getting my projects onto the blog. If only I were as fastidious as you!

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