First attempts at carving.

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I am attracted to the idea of carving. It’s a fairly artistic endeavour, which doesn’t come naturally so a good candidate for personal growth. It also lends itself to having some form of woodworking relaxation when I am away from home for work or pleasure.

Several years ago, with the delivery of a new Fine Woodworking edition on my doorstep, I was smitten by The Gift: Carved Birds article. Such simple and elegant birds.

Hand carved birds by Danny Kamerath

While life was a little too hectic to do anything about carving at the time, the idea never entirely left me. A couple of years later I finally got the itch and time. Rummaging through the scrap pile I selected a piece of Huon Pine and tried, from memory, to carve a bird.

Whilst you may be thoroughly unimpressed, I was. In fact, I was really impressed. And that my friends should tell you all you need to know about my artistic abilities.

None the less, I had fun. Onto the next one.


May 2022

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