Turning the Kissing Forrest

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Many months ago, I glued up some Tasmanian Blackwood and Huon Pine offcuts for I know not what. But on a slower than usual day I found myself in the shed looking for something to do and saw the oddly shaped pieces of contrasting colour and decided to see what I could do with them on the lathe.

A timber Orbit City?

Each shape spontaneously found its own form as I went along. Once put together afterwards however, they look a bit like the Jetson’s Orbit City.

As the result of a little messing about on the lathe, the interest of visitors has been out of all proportion to the amount of effort put into them. Are they easily impressed, or do I have some hidden artistic flair? Regardless, it was a fun exercise with some cute pieces of wood to show for it.

In the end, they found their home on the wall shelf next to the little Dutch kissing couple, and so has collectively come to be referred to as the Kissing Forrest.


May 2022

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