Boxes #2 & #3: The Sisters

I made Box #2 to practice adding splines. At the same time some friends had a baby. As a family, we like to give a gift to the babies siblings, so that amidst all the attention the new baby receives, they continue to feel seen and special.

The box turned out so well, I thought to make a second one exactly the same and give it to the new babies sisters. As a point of difference, I reversed all the woods, which turned out very well.

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Making a Veritas style tote for my Stanley #4 plane

This was brought about by the intersection of two events.

  • I bought a second hand Stanley #4 which had a broken tote (or “back handle” for normal people).
  • I’d read an article by Derek Cohen where he discussed the difference between handles. If you’ve not read Derek’s post, I encourage you to take some time to do so.

I also just enjoy experimenting and trying something new, so why not.

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Removing snipe on my Hammer A3-31 whilst thicknessing.

One of the main reasons I chose the Hammer A3-31 combo jointer-thicknesser what they supposedly were able to thickness material without any snipe. I know, it seems almost too good to be true, but was comforted by several owners whose reviews I trust to be balanced and truthful. Another reason, was that these machines are able to have pretty much every facet of their operation adjusted. It was then with a bit of sadness that my new machine produced snipe when I received it. Knowing however that with a bit of time and a methodical approach I should be able to rectify it, meant that I wasn’t really that concerned. I live in a different state to the dealer, and there is 250 km of ocean between us, so it was impractical for them to come and adjust it for me.

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