Boxes #2 & #3: The Sisters

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I made Box #2 to practice adding splines. At the same time some friends had a baby. As a family, we like to give a gift to the babies siblings, so that amidst all the attention the new baby receives, they continue to feel seen and special.

The box turned out so well, I thought to make a second one exactly the same and give it to the new babies sisters. As a point of difference, I reversed all the woods, which turned out very well.

  • Lid: Radiata Pine / Tasmanian Oak
  • Sides: Radiata Pine / Tasmanian Oak
  • Splines: Radiata Pine / Tasmanian Oak
  • Base: Radiata Pine, Tasmanian Oak
  • Finish: Furniture wax

The inscription in each box reads:

Sister Boxes for Melody and Lucy

These boxes are sisters, and just like you, they are the same but different. Sisters carry a special bond, as ans you grow together, these boces can help store your special memories. In fact, they came with sisterly memories already built in from tyo little girls who are now nearly adults. The Sister Boxes are made from peices of the bunk bed they used to share when they were young, like you are now, as well as the floor-boards fo the house they grew up in.

Just like you, they also had a younger brother, and together they had lots fo adventures and fun. So enjoy being Scott’s big sisters. It’s a special thing that only you can be!


May 2019 (boxes completed Aug 2018)

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