Box #1: A box for treats

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I’ve been really struggling to get my mitred corners nice and tight, so decided the best solution was to not worry too much about making special boxes, and just make some boxes for the sake of making boxes.

  • Lid: Carved Oregon (I’m not totally convinced that’s what it is, but so I’ve been told)
  • Sides: Radiata Pine
  • Base: Tasmanian Oak
  • Finish: None

After it was completed, it ended up on the kitchen bench. At some point I filled it with some chocolate covered cranberries. As it had been there for so long, empty, no-one bothered to remove the lid and look inside, so for many weeks, my daughter (who saw me one day) and I would sneak a treat from our secret stash hiding in plain site. Anyway, it’s now the treat box, but everyone knows about it, so it’s empty most of the time.


May 2019 (but the box was built in August 2018)

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