My new (to me) Record 076 Bullnose plane

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This is one of those planes which are a nice to have luxury, rather than a core tool. None the less I’ve been keeping an eye out for a small bullnose plane for about nine months. Whilst they are often on the second hand market, they generally hover around the $100 mark which kept it out of my reach. So when I saw one listed for $25, I jumped at it.

It was over a thousand kilometres away, and was buying it based on photos alone, and to his credit, the seller went to great pains over the phone to ensure that I was aware it had been broken and repaired.

Noting that the break was across the guard, and not anywhere which would effect its use, I paid the asking price plus postage. It was an exciting day a week or so later when the package arrived and I unwrapped the cutest little plane. A quick buff on the polishing wheel, along with a fresh sharpening of the blade, and it came up beautifully.

I’ve already used it on a couple of projects, and it is so much easier getting into corners whilst removing arrises from inside edges than having to resort to a chisel. A luxury for sure, and I’m loving it.


April 2020

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