Be still my weeping fingers

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Aughhh is winter again and my poor fingers have been aching in the cold once more, and significantly limiting my woodworking time when the sun hides away behind the clouds or dips over the horizon. 

I have tried a range of gloves to mitigate the issue; they have either been warm but without offering much dexterity, or dexterous without offering much warmth. 

Well that all changed last week when I popped into a hardware shop I seldom visit, and they had Ninja gloves which looked and felt promising. Now after several sessions in the chilly workshop, I absolutely love them. They provide the perfect balance between being able to feel what I’m doing, whilst keeping my hands toasty. Plus their grippy palm side makes picking up heavy timbers much easier. 

Ninja Classic MultiFlex gloves

I’ve been working for a little while today with my new gloves on, and it’s bitterly cold. If we look under the glove, I wonder what we will see…

My toasty hand

Ooh, it looks like my hand considers it a nice warm place to be. Perfect. 

August, 2019

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